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October 17th, 2009

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02:53 pm - I've lost my ability to blush ever since.

I CAN'T WAIT TO GET STARTED ON THE MUSHROOM RISOTTO! I saw vids and pics & websites late that night, and boy is it mouth watering. I went to bed starving.

oh crap, its raining and I'm home alone. I have an issue with being home alone while raining. it scares me. reminds me of horror movies :/ I once got so scared that I had to stay on the phone with my bestfriend for about 1hour+.

so, how's life going? mundane. when life gets mundane, it gets me thinking. And usually my thoughts can be disturbing. okay, shit, not a creepy kinda disturbing, but disturbing as in I think about all my regrets and stuff. yeah. but I swear, IM A HAPPY PERSON! :D heh. Little things in life would get me all ecstatic. can't wait to hit the pool & have a picnic with Farah. I havent done hardcore camwhoring in ages. and I mean ages. eventhough Im not camwhore material, nevertheless I love the whole idea :D

Is it me, or did this year just literally pass by twice as fast as the past few years? and thinking about the past few years, I have not gotten a real, full, with candles on top kinda birthday cake. I've seen so many of em icons of cakes & cupcakes & whatnot, the thought of making my own "delightful" cake for my bday is slightly occuring right now :D i love food.

I feel like doing some addmath:/ extremely weird huh. I've been warned too many times by my teacher. "ADD MATH WILL KILL YOU! YOU BETTER DO EXERCISES DURING THE HOLS! EVEN THE ONES THAT ARE GOOD AT MATH FAIL SOMETIMES!" not that I'm unbelievably good at algebra right now, but i'd like to at least have a rough idea of how much of a pain addmath is :)

I've not been sleeping past 1 for about a week and a half! :D I was doing so good, rise&shine thing going on, proud of myself, and last night killed it. see what icons & banners do to me! THEY ARE REALLY TOO LOVELY!

I'll be right back when there's interesting stuff going on. or not. either way, I'll still be writing down nonsense. (: xx.

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I've lost my ability to blush ever since. - A believable, flesh-and-blood heroine.

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