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November 11th, 2009

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12:40 am - I'll be willing to dance, just for your eyes.

it shouldn't be hurting. and yet it is :'( 
I feel like letting myself go numb infrontve the telly now, stuffing a tub of icecream down my throat.

let out: I shouldve never ever ever  asked him to stop calling me sweetheart. what was I thinking? It was a huge mistake.  I asked the guy who called all the way from U.S just cause he wanted to hear my voice to stop being nice to me, to stop talking to me, to stop those sweet talks, to completely cut me out of his life. the worst part is, he respected me, and just stopped immediately cause I claimed it was "uncomfortable". ?! ?!

now we barely talk. God, please send someone like him to me again. ;'( or better yet, send him back to me D':

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I'll be willing to dance, just for your eyes. - A believable, flesh-and-blood heroine.

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