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October 27th, 2009

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12:31 am - a little too fantastic for comfort.
I'm literally exhausted from dance class,
and I already know I'll be reluctant to go to school tomorrow.
what's next?
dance was pretty good earlier on, really got those rusty hips movin' and swingin' and rotating and, i dont wanna go on. Good exercise, but not enough. what's wrong with me? nothing's ever good enough for me. and lemme say, I did prettay good for the dance exam, but of course, I WAS NOT SATISFIED. came back and cried all my feelings out over the phone with K. it really is such a lie you know, all the friends there. sure you have friends, but when things start to heat up, the competition starts. and ugh, it's ugly. betrayal? check. all those unpredictable stuff happening? of course. neh, nuff bout that eh (: I've moved on a tad bit. Flatted today when someone said I dance well :D it was nice meeting him (: he seemed abnormally friendly but hey, friendly people.. I LOVE (:

and Ive been making this nonsensical to do list in my head. 39 on my real list, and a dozen more in my head. I've only got one done.
I spent almost an hour with Pei running upndown finding teachers to bring us to the dance room D: and oh we were so damn delighted when we heard "but the primaries are using this room, and we need the whole dance floor, you can't practice at the back." ugh. SHE NEEDED THE WHOLE DANCE FLOOR, OH PLEASE.

anyway, library was our place to be. R showed me all these yummy recipes that made me feel like cancelling my plans to go on a diet. ah garh, couldnt stand the boredom so went home early instead (:

I'm off. the bed does look tempting. ganight. xx

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a little too fantastic for comfort. - A believable, flesh-and-blood heroine.

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