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October 16th, 2009

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11:33 am - I will not stop chasing my dream, until the spotlight is on me.
told ya (;
it has been 2 & a half days since the last paper and honestly, MY DAYS HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS BORING. I was fking excited before all the exams were over, busy making plans when i should've been studying, but now, I'm too lazy to even make a list of what I wanna do. I don't feel any "sweet sensational feeling" either. maybe not just yet (:

But I'm extreeeemely looking forward to my dance exam next tuesday :DD can't wait to put on the dress, the makeup, the heels, & blow the judge's mind ;). *fingers crosse* Anyway, I went for the trials just 2 days ago, failed to impress. i really need more practice huh, sometimes i can't keep up with the speed. By the time I did my last dance, I felt like I was slowly dying already. My initial plans were to go exercise everyday after exams and get some stamina (cause right now I really don't have much), & hopefully by next tuesday, I wouldn;t die so quickly. but yeah, most of my plans never really work out that much :/ My friends and I got back our result sheets shortly after, i dont mean to brag but im glaaad that I got the highest *ahem* the feeling was weird. I was dissatisfied with myself, but yet I was happy too about the results D: I've been longggging to get a funny remark ever since 2 yrs ago, and I've finally got one! okay, fine. It wasn't that funny. but at least it was something different (: I gotta stop looking so tense while I dance. even when I'm dead out of breath, I still gotta flash a big fake smile. eh, how wonderful.


pimples are popping out at the most inappropriate time. I'll be trying out some home remedies and they better freaking work. I can never restrain myself from touching my face, I can never resist spicy semi-oily food either (: I miss talking to Alastair! heh, especially our long phone calls. USED to have long phone calls. but er, it stopped. phone bills. Anyhoooo, Imma leave now, xxx.

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Date:July 24th, 2012 01:26 pm (UTC)


I will not stop chasing my dream, until the spotlight is on me. - A believable, flesh-and-blood heroine.

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